Buccellati. Wildlife


Timeless design aesthetics and exquisite artisanship have always been the core of Buccellati universe. Tireless commitment of the Buccellati House to creating objects of exquisite beauty facilitated creation of distinctive, unique style and set those artisans apart from their competitors.

The Buccellati family firm carries on tradition of the five centuries history of Italian jewellery making.

Silver figurines of animals and birds hold a special place in the production range of the firm. The Buccellati House jewellers implement their author-developed “fur and feathers” technique to create these realistic interior masterpieces.

Buccellati personify Italian jewellery art based on Renaissance traditions, perpetuated to the 21st century by the efforts primarily of Mario, then Gianmaria and nowadays his son Andrea and daughter Lucrezia.

Silver Birds

Silver Animals

Silver Sea Creatures

Silver Table Decoration